Online platform service regulation in the United States

For business decision-makers within the food delivery platform sector who operate worldwide, we understand the difficulty and cost of managing regulatory data flow from multiple sources and countries.

To help you minimise the time in your market investigations, we have created an online tool for you to ensure you are given all the latest updates of critical changes that may affect your business in the United States.

You will be able to stand out with trustworthy strategic decisions, ensuring you minimise risks. You have access to regulatory content worldwide, related to workers, employment, algorithm, commission caps, service restrictions, environmental and packing, planning and real state, food safety and consumer protection.


From August of 2021, subscribers will be able to view and filter individual regulatory alerts per region. If you want to get our monthly compilations, visit our alerts Monthly Round-up section.


24th January 2022

21st January 2022

20th January 2022

20th January 2022

14th January 2022

14th January 2022

13th January 2022

13th January 2022

11th January 2022

5th January 2022

4th January 2022

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You will have access to a number of articles and news that will help you understand the regulation changes. If you find you can’t access certain content, please note this is available only for subscribers for now.

However, you can buy independent reports in our online shop or should you have a specific request, we invite you to get in touch with our expert analysts for customised research and consultancy support.