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24th January 2022 - Asia, China |

China: Occupational injury insurance for gig workers was discussed at a meeting of the 12th Sichuan provincial committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC). Zhou Jian, a member of the committee, said that the number of gig workers is growing, but most of them cannot participate in social insurance for urban employees or receive work-related injury insurance benefits. Zhou suggested exploring expansion of work-related injury insurance coverage.

US - New York: The latest batch of regulations on third-party platform delivery, including rules on bathroom access and tips, are now effective in New York City. Workers’ advocacy group the Deliveristas took to the streets yesterday, together with politicians Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Chuck Schumer, celebrating the implementation of those laws.

24th January 2022 - Asia, United Arab Emirates |

UAE: Recreational drones have been banned after a terrorist attack, according to reports. Commercial drones are also under strict control, which may hamper the development of drone deliveries; the Interior Ministry has said it might allow deployment of drones for filming, but made no reference to other commercial use of the devices.

24th January 2022 - Europe, France |

France: Foodora has been condemned by the Paris Labour Court for using workers in “bogus self-employment” (travail dissimulé) after the court established the existence of an employment contract for two of the company’s former workers, press reports. The court ruled that “a power of direction and control of the performance of the service [characterised] a relationship of subordination and consequently the existence of an employment contract between the parties”. Foodora left the French market in 2018.

24th January 2022 - Asia, South Korea |

South Korea: The Korea Consumer Agency will start publishing details of platforms’ delivery fees on its website each month, the deputy minister of strategy and finance has said. The project will initially cover Seoul and then slowly expand. The deputy minister said: “We plan to compare and provide fees for each delivery app and also provide fees for each distance and delivery method.”

24th January 2022 - Asia, China |

China: Chinese authorities have held a meeting with the All-China Federation of Trade Unions and 11 leading internet platforms, including, Meituan, and Alibaba, to provide guidance on protecting the rights of gig workers. “Acknowledging these companies’ progress in implementing a regulatory document on protecting the rights and interests of workers in new forms of employment, the meeting called on them to hear their workers’ needs, tighten oversight over employment agencies with which they are collaborating, and continue to improve their algorithms and work rules,” the State Council website notes.

24th January 2022 - Brazil, South America |

Brazil: The National Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC) has authorised the company Speedbird Aero to carry out commercial drone deliveries in partnership with the delivery platform iFood. This is the first authorisation granted by the agency for the commercial operation of drones in delivery of food and products. The drones will be able to carry loads of up to 2.5 kg within a radius of 3 km.

US - Chicago: The single-use plastic ban is effective as of 18th January, 120 days after it was enacted on 14th September. It means that single-use utensils or disposable napkins will not be provided in take-outs or in deliveries, unless specifically requested by the customer.
21st January 2022 - Europe, United Kingdom |
UK: The Independent Workers' Union of Great Britain (IWGB) has called on Hackney Council to ensure that delivery staff and other key workers have a permanent, safe and sheltered space for parking, cease issuing parking fines during waiting periods, and to provide access to toilets.
21st January 2022 - Asia, South Korea |
South Korea: On 20th January, the Ministry of Employment and Labour announced that it had signed an agreement to create a safe and healthy workplace for delivery platform workers with 12 food delivery platform companies such as Baedal Minjok, Yogiyo, and Coupang Eats. According to the agreement, platforms will ensure that delivery workers have access to safety information on traffic rules, accident prevention and handling possible accidents. The parties also committed to expanding employment and industrial accident insurance coverage. "This agreement is meaningful in that several companies voluntarily cooperated for the safety of workers. We hope that this agreement will serve as a starting point for establishing safe delivery in our society,” minister An Kyung-duk said.
21st January 2022 - Brazil, South America |
Brazil: A labour judge in São Paulo has recognised the employment relationship between a delivery driver and the logistics operator from the delivery platform iFood. According to the decision, in this new model, the logistics operators are companies that act as intermediaries between the drivers and the delivery companies, holding typical powers of an employer, such as disciplinary power and subordination.
21st January 2022 - Europe, Spain |
Spain: Documents relating to Glovo's acquisition by Delivery Hero, obtained by La Vanguardia newspaper, describe how the company is dealing with around 300 different legal procedures worldwide. The newspaper highlights how the company has been summoned to 172 trials in Spain, 21 in Italy, 12 in Argentina, and 19 in Brazil, and is currently under investigation in Poland for infringing consumer rights (facing a €2m fine). Problems in Serbia (exchange of foreign currency and unofficial payment methods), Croatia (anti-trust investigation) and Ivory Coast (unfair competition) are also reported.
21st January 2022 - Canada, North America |
Canada (Saskatchewan): A provincial MP of Saskatchewan New Democratic Party, Aleana Young, proposed a business relief plan to support small and medium businesses, which includes a cap on delivery fees.
20th January 2022 - Europe, France |
France: A decree published yesterday establishes that self-employed workers will be able to elect their representatives from 9th to 16th May.
20th January 2022 - Europe, Spain |
Spain: The Council of Ministers is expected to vote on a draft proposal on sustainable mobility on 1st February. The proposal is directed at addressing challenges posed by the emergence of online commerce and the delivery of products, and the environmental costs it produces. It contemplates the introduction of new taxes and incentives to favour more sustainable transportation.
20th January 2022 - Europe, Spain |
Spain: It is expected that a "macro inspection" by the Social Security inspectors will establish that 8,500 of Barcelona's Glovo workers in the 2018-2021 period were falsely self-employed and should be considered as the company's employees.
20th January 2022 - Mexico, North America |
Mexico: Mexico City's government is working on an initiative that would recognise delivery people and drivers as workers, with the right to social security as well as holidays, according to local media. As a local initiative, it can't modify Mexico's federal employment law – which is necessary – but only compel the federal legislature to do so. Despite both the capital and the national government being led by the Morena party, we anticipate that this initiative will not be swiftly approved. It is more likely to be a personal initiative of the capital's chief, who is critical of platforms and has recently introduced a 2% tax on all deliveries.
20th January 2022 - Asia, China |
China: On 19th January, government agencies headed by the National Development and Reform Commission published opinions aimed at strengthening rules and optimising the environment for the development of the platform economy. The document proposed revision of the anti-monopoly law, strengthening supervision over competition, improving laws related to data security and personal information protection. In addition it states that the advertising on all internet platforms should be closely supervised to avoid misleading consumers and that platform companies, and those investing in them, should comply with strict national rules.
20th January 2022 - Chile, South America |
Chile: Yesterday, 19th January, the Labour and Social Security Commission approved the amendments proposed by the Chamber of Deputies on 17th January to the bill regulating the status of delivery workers. The amendments remove provisions previously envisaged in the bill, such as union rights and social security benefits for independent delivery workers. The bill will now be sent back to the Senate for the approval of the amendments.
US - Oklahoma: House Bill (HB) 3222 has been introduced. The bill would prohibit food delivery platforms from accepting orders on behalf of a restaurant without the restaurant's express consent and would allow restaurants to cancel any agreement with a platform, at which point the platform must remove the restaurant's listing within 72 hours.
US - Missouri: House Bill (HB) 2498 has been introduced. The bill would create a multi-factor test for determining whether a worker is an employee or independent contractor. It would also include "delivery network company drivers" in a different test that currently only includes "transportation network company drivers".
20th January 2022 - Europe, United Kingdom |
UK: IWGB Couriers Sheffield have announced a protest against Stuart Delivery and Just Eat on 23rd January. The aim is to ensure a rise in delivery fees.
19th January 2022 - Belgium, Europe |

Belgium: The Belgian transport workers’ union UBT FGTB is to join the appeal against the labour court’s 8th December ruling in a Deliveroo case, local news reports. The court had ruled that Deliveroo delivery personnel cannot be treated as employees, but the city’s labour auditor is appealing that judgement. "The riders of the company cannot be considered free and therefore they are not self-employed, but employed workers,” said the union. 

19th January 2022 - World |

World: The International Labour Organization’s World Employment and Social Outlook 2022 Trends report describes platform workers as a vulnerable group “often highly exposed to the health and labour market impacts of the [Covid-19] crisis…many of whom fall through gaps in social protection”. It suggests that “extending and ensuring the protection of all workers entails guaranteeing fundamental rights at work, ensuring health and safety at the workplace and implementing a transformative agenda for gender equality”. Overall, platform work is presented in the ILO report, published on 18th January, as a fundamental reorganisation of labour relations and an area requiring oversight.

18th January 2022 - Europe, Norway |

Norway: The Norwegian Competition Authority has closed an investigation into Foodora after the platform undertook not to enter into exclusive agreements with restaurants for the next three years. It will also not engage in practices designed to encourage exclusive relationships, such as offering incentives or putting pressure on restaurants. 

18th January 2022 - Europe |

EUThe European Commission’s consultation on recycled plastic in food packaging ends today, 18th January. The consultation was opened on 6th December 2021 to seek opinions on a proposed regulation that aims to simplify bureaucracy around the development, certification, and use of recycled plastic food contact materials (FCMs).

18th January 2022 - Europe, Sweden |

Sweden: The Swedish Work Environment Authority has responded to the proposed EU directive on working conditions of platform workers, local media reports. The authority welcomes a directive, but disagrees that it should stipulate a presumption of employment; the authority believes this should be a matter for member states. Comments to the public consultation can be submitted until 14th February.

18th January 2022 - Europe, Netherlands |

Netherlands: Many restaurants and bars opened on Saturday 15th January in protest after the Dutch government announced the previous day that they must remain closed due to Covid concerns, press reports. This defiance of restrictions reportedly was not stopped by local officials and even received tacit approval in some places. Organisers said that there will be more protests in the coming days. Delivery services have widely been seen as beneficiaries of pandemic-related rules requiring the closure of hospitality locations.

18th January 2022 - Australasia, Australia |

Australia: The state of Victoria’s government has issued a consultation paper proposing draft standards for platform-based gig workers, covering areas from work conditions and pay to safety. The standards call on platforms to provide workers with information about conditions and earnings in writing, and to give them “fair and decent remuneration and conditions”, among other things. Information and feedback can be submitted to the consultation online

18th January 2022 - Asia, Malaysia |

Malaysia: The government of Johor state is to hold discussions with agencies and unions on the creation of rest facilities for food delivery workers, media reports. Workers would be able to use these facilities for washing and praying.

17th January 2022 - Asia, Philippines |

Philippines: The Senate has approved a bill prohibiting food, grocery, and pharmacy delivery platforms from requiring riders or drivers to “advance any monetary amount for the fulfilment of orders”. The placing of hoax orders will also be forbidden, as will cancellation of confirmed orders by customers unless the platform permits it; drivers and riders must still be paid for these. The bill also requires the implementation of know-your-customer rules, involving proof of identity. The bill will now be referred to the House of Representatives.

17th January 2022 - Asia, China |

China: Market supervision authorities in the city of Baise are planning random inspections of food delivery platforms, catering businesses operating through platforms, and delivery workers, press reports. Delivery companies must strictly control access to their platforms, ensure that catering businesses make available necessary information, verify its authenticity, and promptly report any violations. The authority also encourages the continued use of seals on takeaway bags to avoid food contamination during delivery. Baise is a city of 4.2m residents in the Guangxi autonomous region, bordering Vietnam.

17th January 2022 - Asia, India |

India: A certain percentage of new vehicles operated by delivery services and ride aggregators in the city of Delhi will now have to be electric, local media reports. At least 10% of new two-wheelers and 5% of new four-wheelers must be electric in the next three months, and 50% of new two-wheelers and 25% of new four-wheelers must be electric by March 2023.

14th January 2022 - Belgium, Europe |

Belgium: The Brussels labour auditor has appealed against the labour court’s 8th December ruling in a Deliveroo case, local news reports. The Court had ruled that Deliveroo delivery personnel cannot be treated as employees.

14th January 2022 - Europe, Spain |

Spain: A court in the northwestern province of León has upheld a lawsuit filed by the Social Security Institute against Glovo, press reports. The court found that 142 workers were rendering their services as “fake self-employees” but should be considered employees. Although they were registered as self-employed, there was a clear dependent relationship between the platform and the workers, who could not choose their own hours. 

14th January 2022 - Asia, China |

China: The market supervision administration in the city of Weihai has conducted inspections of several takeaway businesses operating through platforms. Failure by catering businesses to make food business licences available on the Meituan platform has been a continuing issue. Weihai is a city of 2.8m people in the northern Shandong province.

US - Wisconsin: Senate Bill (SB) 861 has been introduced by a bipartisan group of legislators. The bill would prohibit third-party delivery platforms from listing a restaurant without the restaurant’s written consent, require that menus shown on the platform are accurate, and require that platforms disclose all fees and commissions to restaurants, among other things. 

US - New Jersey: Senate Bill (SB) 486 has been introduced, specifying auto insurance requirements for drivers working for a food delivery network. 

US - Virginia: Senate Bill (SB) 254 has been introduced. The bill would create a new licence for third-party alcohol delivery and establish certain requirements for delivery services, for example related to transportation and age verification. 

12th January 2022 - Europe, United Kingdom |

UK: The Isle of Man’s legislature, the Tynwald, is to discuss a proposal for a tax on plastic packaging, as adopted in the UK. Under the proposal, certain types of plastic packaging produced on or imported to the island would be taxed at £200 per metric tonne.

12th January 2022 - Europe, United Kingdom |

UK: Parliament has adopted the amendment to the Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations 1992, which will come into force on 6th April. Employers will be obliged to provide personal protective equipment (PPE) to workers who may be exposed to health and safety risks, including limb (b) workers. Last year, a court found that a Stuart Delivery driver was a limb (b) worker.

12th January 2022 - Croatia, Europe |

Croatia: The president of the Independent Croatian Unions has criticised the government for rushing through amendments to the Labour Law. Krešimir Sever said that agreement with the government is unlikely to be reached anytime soon. However, the government hopes to agree on and adopt the proposal – which among other things should regulate platform work – in the second quarter of 2022, the labour ministry confirmed to PlatformsIntelligence.

12th January 2022 - Brazil, South America |

Brazil: Ride hailing platforms Uber and 99 were fined BRL8m (around $1.4m) by the Consumer Protection Agency of Rio de Janeiro for excessive cancellations, press reports. The main reason for these cancellations was an increase in fuel prices, but the authority said that under consumer law, companies cannot refuse to provide services to customers who are willing to pay for them.

11th January 2022 - Europe, Germany |

Germany: Lieferando has raised wages for its courier employees to €11/hour, including time spent waiting for an order, sick leave, and vacations, the company announced yesterday. This falls short of workers’ demands (such as a €15/hour wage) but may be seen as an attempt to reduce conflict.

US - Washington state: Senate Bill (SB) 5394 has been reintroduced and would permit the delivery and curbside sale of beer, wine, and liquor by restaurants if certain packaging and age-verification requirements are met. SB 5483 has also been reintroduced and would impose a $0.25 fee per trip, payable to the state, on all food deliveries by third-party food delivery services.

10th January 2022 - Europe, United Kingdom |

UK: The IWGB couriers’ union says the strike against Stuart Delivery is resuming on 10th January after the company failed to enter into satisfactory negotiations with its delivery workers. Before suspending the strike for the holiday period, Stuart drivers had been on strike for 18 days in December. They claim a change in Stuart’s payment structure means a 25% pay cut.

10th January 2022 - Brazil, South America |

Brazil: Uber Eats is to stop making restaurant deliveries from 8th March. The announcement, for which no reason was given, came a day after the president’s approval of a bill requiring platform companies to provide accident insurance for delivery workers. However, Uber Eats in Brazil has allegedly also suffered from competition with the delivery app Ifood.

10th January 2022 - Asia, South Korea |

South Korea: The temporary stay on the ban for disposable plastic cups in bars and restaurants will end on 1st April, the environment ministry has announced. From 24th November the use of disposable paper cups, plastic straws and plastic coffee stirrers will also be prohibited inside premises, though this will not apply to takeout, where single-use items may still be offered. The ministry is currently undertaking a pilot project in Seoul aimed at facilitating multi-use food containers in takeout, and is planning to further promote them this year.  

10th January 2022 - Africa, Nigeria |

Nigeria: The state of Kogi is banning commercial motorcycles and tricycles from using highways, limiting them to only local routes, press reports. The new rule will take effect on 17th January. Restrictions on commercial motorcycle use have become common in Nigeria.