Tailored analysis

PlatformsIntelligence provides tailored research programmes to analyse the specific business needs of our customers. Our independent experts dive deep into our clients’ particular areas of interest to analyse key issues and optimise business plans and financials

We have access to key data that may not be available to industry participants, giving you the resources you need to navigate challenges and maximise performance.

Based in Barcelona, we have reporters and analysts in Washington, London and other key markets around the world, so we have relevant information to respond to your particular needs and generate a cost-effective tailored solution.

Our customised research includes data modelling or due diligence to assist with the valuation analysis for a proposed acquisition; support for lobbying or positioning as part of a public policy strategy; or the tracking of policy and legislative development in a jurisdiction which forms part of your market-entry strategy.

Please contact us to discuss your specific needs in more depth.