The number of people working via the online platform service economy around the globe is increasing significantly and, as the numbers rise, so does the drive to regulate working practices. Our in-depth reports, regulatory and policy trackers and live alerts will keep you informed of the latest regulatory developments in key markets around the world

Regulatory report: Argentina

Written by Sergi Riudalbas || 17th January 2022 || In-depth reports |

No specific regulatory framework addressing the status of delivery workers at a national level has been enacted in Argentina, although there are various bills in the national legislative agenda ...

Regulatory report: Romania

Written by Laura Garay Gómez || 10th January 2022 || In-depth reports |

There are no regulations in Romania for delivery platforms or their workers, but they are covered by rules in other areas such as safety regulations, packaging and competition ...

Regulatory report: Nigeria

Written by Anthony Traurig || 10th January 2022 || In-depth reports |

This report offers a detailed overview of the current regulatory framework surrounding the online platform services sector in Nigeria ...

Regulatory alerts: December 2021

Written by PlatformsIntelligence || 31st December 2021 || Alerts |

This month's regulatory alerts includes updates from Belgium, Croatia, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Malta, Netherlands, Romania, Spain, the UK, Ukraine, Canada, Mexico, the US, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, China, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Pakistan, Panama, Paraguay, Russia, Saudi...

The online platform service economy has disrupted the traditional concept of the job. Some say it has created new opportunities and freedoms for workers but others argue that it can lead to new forms of precariousness, relating to a lack of transparency and predictability in working conditions. 

Our legal analysts will keep you informed of developments, such as the European Commission’s consultation into how EU-wide rules on platform working conditions could work and whether this will evolve into draft legislation.