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This page contains all of our content that relates to planning and real estate for businesses working in the online platform service economy. This includes all of our in-depth reports, regulatory and policy trackers, news briefings, resources and live alerts. 

Legal and political events calendar

Written by Pablo Cano Trilla || 3rd December 2021 || Regulatory and policy trackers |

The PlatformsIntelligence compliance calendar provides key regulatory deadline dates applicable to the platforms sector to enable you to keep up to date with changes to regulations on workers' rights, the environment, fees and more ...

Online platform service businesses may not have an office headquarters or a chain of bricks and mortar retail outlets, but they will have real estate such as warehouses and garages. 

What regulatory issues must be considered and are these rules likely to change?

Our legal analysts keep you informed about where the law stands today, as well which proposals are currently in discussion that are likely to change it in future. Find out which political attitudes are driving new regulation and how they will impact your business model and financials.